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  What is the human Aura?
The Aura is an energy field that surrounds the human body. This energy field consists of several colours, shapes and movements. Theses colours, shapes and movements are very personal and are a reflection of the person it concerns. It shows the physical well being, emotions, experiences, knowlegde, ways of thinking and memories from the past, now and future.
  What are chakra's?
Chakra's are spinning energy centres in the energy system. These centres are the link between the physical and non-physical body. These chakra's are connected to specific subjects.
  Root chakra : surviving, looking after yourself, connection with the earth
  Sacral chakra : sensing, sexuality, expressing emotions
  Solar plexus chakra : focussing, use of energy, will power
  Heart chakra : love, inner peace, harmony, inner child
  Throat chakra : self expression, inner voice, communication with others, telepathy
  Third eye chakra : imagination, visualisation, overview, looking through things, clairvoyant
  Crown chakra : self consciousness, intu´tion, connection with the cosmos